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J.W. Equipment specializes in the design & installation of new cotton gins worldwide.  We are experienced in both Roller Gin & Saw Gin design.  J.W. Equipment also assists in the redesigning, remodeling, and upgrading of existing cotton gins.  In addition to our Technical Design staff, we provide experienced Ginners & Field Engineers to assist in erecting & operating cotton gins.

New & Used Equipment and Replacement Parts

J.W. Equipment is a worldwide supplier of both new (Products) and used (Resale Shop) gin equipment & replacement parts for all makes & models, including Consolidated, Continental, Hardwicke-Etter, Lummus and Murray.  We offer a complete stock of gin saws, bearings, v-belts, sprockets, sheaves, bushings, chains, hydraulic & electrical components, roller gin packing, stationary & rotary knives, fans and blowers.

Repair & Maintenance

We offer expert Repair & Maintenance Services for all types & sizes of cotton gins.  

Serving the World

J.W. Equipment has been serving customers worldwide for more than 20 years.  In addition to our U.S. domestic customers, we also supply customers in Argentina, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Paraguay, Tanzania and Venezuela.




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